Get next storage ID

Rate limit: every seconds

API Overview

HTTP method





"Fetches the next order id for a given sold token. If the need arises to repeatedly place orders in a short span of time, the order id can be initially fetched through the API and then managed locally. Each new order id can be derived from adding 2 to the last one"

API description

HTTP Header

Field Type Required Description Example
X-API-KEY string Y ApiKey "HlkcGxbqBeaF76j4rvPaOasyfPwnkQ

Request parameters

Field Type Required Description Example
accountId integer Y Looprings account identifier 1
sellTokenId integer Y The unique identifier of the token which the user wants to sell in the next order. 0
maxNext boolean N Return the max of the next available storageId, so any storageId > returned value is avaliable, to help user manage storageId by themselves. for example, if [20, 60, 100] is avaliable, all other ids < 100 is used before, user gets 20 if flag is false (and 60 in next run), but gets 100 if flag is true, so he can use 102, 104 freely "0"

Request example

Connection: keep-alive
Accept: */*
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br
Accept-Language: zh,en;q=0.9
X-API-KEY: sra1aavfa
curl -H "X-API-KEY:sra1aavfa"\?accountId\=1\&sellTokenId\=0\&maxNext\=0

Response fields

Field Type Required Description Example
orderId integer N Next storage ID for order request, must be even 100
offchainId integer N Next storage ID for offchain requests, i.e., transfer/withdraw/updateAccount, must be odd 101

Response example

  "orderId" : 100,
  "offchainId" : 101

Status code

Value Description
100000 Unknown error
104001 Empty ApiKey
104002 Invalid ApiKey
104003 Invalid Account ID

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