Block Generation Notification

Subscribe to this topic to receive notifications about Loopring L2 block


  • Topic name: blockgen ApiKey requred: No


This topic has an optional flag: verbose, which indicates the response has more info about the blocks or just the block id. Once the user gets the block id notification, he can also call getBlock REST API to get the details.

Parameter Required Note
verbose N Default is false, so only block Id returns


  "op": "sub",
  "sequence": 30006,
  "unsubscribeAll": false,
  "topics": [
      "topic": "blockgen"


  "op" : "sub",
  "sequence" : 30006,
  "topics" : [ {
    "topic" : "blockgen"
  } ],
  "result" : {
    "status" : "OK"

Notification example

    "topic": {
        "topic:": "blockgen"
    "data": {
      {"blockid": 1},
      {"blockid": 2},

Data Model


Field Type Required Note
topic JSON Y Topic and parameters
ts integer Y Notification timestamp (milliseconds)
data [BlockResp] Y Block generation messages, a list of BlockResp, refer to getBlock API for data format

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