Mix Orderbook Notification

Subscribe to this topic to receive notifications about orderbook updates for specific trading pairs.


  • Topic name: mixorder
  • ApiKey requred: No


Parameter Required Note
market Y Trading pair
level Y Price aggregation level
count N Number of bids/ask price slots, count can not be larger than 50, and only take effect when snapshot is true.
snapshot N Default to false. If true, the client will receive full notification with up to count bid/ask price slots when at least one slot has update.
showOverlap N Default to true. If true, the overlap part of AMM & orderbook is shown i.e., the bid prices >= ask price, which sometimes means a arbitrage opportunity. If false, this part is hidden & users see a normal orderbook.

Status code

Value Note
104107 Invalid topic or parameters

Notification example

    "topic": {
        "topic:": "mixorder",
        "market": "LRC-USDT",
          "level": 0
    "ts": 1584717910000,
    "startVersion": 1212121,
    "endVersion": "1212123",
    "data": {
        "bids": [
                "295.97",  //price
                "456781000000000",  //size
                "3015000000000",  //volume
                "4"  //count
        "asks": [

Data Model


Field Type Required Note
topic JSON Y Topic and parameters
ts integer Y Notification timestamp (milliseconds)
startVersion integer Y Previous version number
endVersion integer Y Updated versionnumber
data OrderBook Y The orderbook


Field Type Required Note
bids List[List[string]] Y PriceSlot array for bids
asks List[List[string]] Y PriceSlot array for asks


Index Type Required Note
1 string Y Price
2 string Y Amount (quantity of base token)
3 string Y Total (quantity of quote token)
4 string Y Number of orders at this price

Note that amount and total are the curent values, not the delta between the current and the previous values.

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