Error Code Description
100000 Unknown error
100001 Invalid argument
101001 The address was not found
101002 User not found
102001 Exchange ID is incorrect
102002 Unsupported TokenId in the order
102003 Invalid account ID
102004 Invalid order ID
102005 Market does not support
102006 Illegal rate field
102007 Order already exists
102008 Order has expired
102010 Order is missing signature information
102011 Insufficient user balance
102012 The order amount is too small
102014 Failed to freeze the amount, please try again later
102020 Exceeded the maximum order amount
102021 Nonce is invalid
102022 Transfer sender is invalid
102023 Transfer receiver is invalid
102024 Fee token is unsupported
102025 Transfer token isn't consistent with fee token
102027 Submit order failed
102028 No Available storage id
102030 Invalid storage id
102032 Invalid recipient
102117 No orders to cancel
102118 Failed to cancel orders, please try again later
102119 Invalid hash
102120 Order is not valid
102122 Order already in cancel
104001 Empty ApiKey
104002 Invalid ApiKey
104003 Invalid Account ID
104004 No signature information provided
104005 Wrong signature information
104208 Unknown error in Ethereum node
104209 Partial batch operation failed
105001 Failed to get recommended gas
107001 User ID cannot be empty
107002 Order Hash cannot be empty
107003 Order does not exist
108000 Unsupported market
108001 Unsupported depth level
114001 Fee token not support
114002 Fee amount invalid, need refresh the fee. App need refresh fee less than every 15 mins

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