AMM Pool Snapshot Notification

Subscribe to this topic to receive notifications about token balance updates for specific AMM Pool.


  • Topic name: ammpool
  • ApiKey requred: No
  • snapshot mode ONLY!


Parameter Required Note
poolAddress Y poolAddress

Status code

Value Note
102034 receive illegal arg for topic ammpool

Notification example

  "topic" : {
    "topic" : "ammpool",
    "poolAddress" : "0x18920d6E6Fb7EbE057a4DD9260D6D95845c95036",
    "snapshot" : true
  "ts" : 1611267558234,
  "data" : [ [ "11792920485390000000000000", "3998385574130000000000" ], "41277091829000" ]


Data Model


Field Type Required Note
topic JSON Y Topic and parameters
ts integer Y Notification timestamp (milliseconds)
data [[string, string], string] Y Amm snapshot array


Index Type Required Note
1 [string, string] Y Token balance of in pool token pair, i.e. [base token amount, quote token amount]
2 string Y Token balance of pool's LP token

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